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About Noodle Stories
- Feb 27, 2018 -

Chinese noodles In addition to the North and South culture are different, in fact, many of the paragraph also contains various meanings or unique stories behind it.

Traditional Chinese noodles-longevity noodles. Chinese people will eat food at the end of their birthday party, because the noodles long, the implication of longevity. In ancient times to eat longevity face symbolizes the blessing of newborn baby boy longevity, this secular has been followed down. Eat noodles to be a whole face once swallowed, neither chopsticks clip broken, nor can the mouth bite off. Eat longevity noodles In addition to the meaning of longevity, but also on behalf of the elderly. There is a biography of the Yellow Emperor in the winter solstice to the immortal, since then every winter solstice to eat longevity to represent the elderly, so longevity noodles also known as "Winter solstice noodles." In fact, there are divergent views on the meaning of "longevity noodles".

The noodles that you eat on your birthday will also be called "Soumei". The surface line is most famous in Fuzhou, there are many kinds of name: marriage to the woman will be called "Hi-Face"; pregnant women in the period of food called "fu noodles", with the face line to give relatives and friends is "peace", the elderly and the sick to eat, is a healthy food, the surface line will be called "Health side." The folk have the surface line is nine days Xuan female mother Heavenly Queen's birthday and fee to ponder the preparation of gift. So do the surface line of the people will worship nine days Xuan female idol. Fuzhou surface line of a wide variety of egg noodle line, dragon face line, silver surface lines. (citation: "China's famous food and anecdotes")

For example, the "cold Amoy" previously mentioned was created by Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in China today. Wumei is said to have been tianzi when he was young, 14 years old and was elected to the palace as talent. Because to and childhood sweetheart Changjian separate, before entering palace they two to a shop to eat noodles. See the day hot weather, Mei Niang brainwave, and the boss developed a soft and delicious "cold Amoy." Encounter the day is Mei Niang birthday, in order to remember the situation, to the Empress Wu Zetian birthday day of the heart of the Imperial Kitchen cooking cold Amoy, until the end of this practice has not changed. (citation: "China's famous food and anecdotes")

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