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The basic introduction of UDON surface
- Feb 27, 2018 -

In mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao are also known as udon noodles.

Udon Noodle is one of the most Japanese-style noodles, with the Japanese buckwheat noodles, green tea noodles and called Japan's three major noodles, is a Japanese restaurant indispensable protagonist. Its taste is between the cut and the rice noodles, the taste is soft, and then with carefully modulated soup, it became a delicious pasta. It is a thick white (4 mm ~6 mm) noodle made of salt and water mixed with flour. In winter, add hot soup, summer is cool to eat. The cold udon noodles can be dipped in a thick sauce called "noodle sauce".

The most classic Japanese udon noodle practice, not from beef and broth, noodles slippery soft, thick sauce soup, so go to Japan, must taste a bowl of Xiangchuan County beef udon noodles.

Udon surface trans-fatty acids are zero and contain many high quality carbohydrates. Different flavors can be tasted by matching different condiments, soups and seasonings. Sometimes also in the noodles with crony, vegetable tempura, shallot eat together. In Japan, young and old, whether at home or outside eating, udon is a very common food.

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