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What about the culture of noodles
- Feb 27, 2018 -

Noodles mainly wheat flour production, before the appearance, rice, porridge for the general Chinese staple food, but appear in person, noodles status is the same as rice food-the north mainly pasta food; Southerners rely on rice, but pasta also becomes an important snack.

The noodles between the north and the south are really different. The South "noodles" refers to the noodles made of flour, mainly to the egg surface, with not eggs, but the duck egg yellow, body and young, facial quality and refreshing elastic teeth. Which dough, ganmian all have. Widely popular with thin strips of ganmian and shrimp noodles, the Northern "noodles" refers to the wheat grinding powder, noodles more than eggs, with the alkali water, add soda to make the noodles become easy to digest, so the noodles become the main food of the North people. Compared with the south, the northern noodles are thicker, soft and flexible surface. If you say "noodles" in the north, the boss will only give flour, and in the south, the noodles will be processed.

People in the north take noodles as the staple food, so the pasta is heavier in quality and quantity. Northern people do often add seasonal leaf type fresh cooked, with raw onions, raw garlic, coriander and other seasoning, taste heavy oil, ingredients and soup is relatively salty, mainly cold, large appetite can also be equipped with steamed bread, sesame seeds. South on the contrary, because the southern people with rice for staple food, noodles for snacks or hospitality, catering to the north, because of the small habit of the little bowl sheng, but do not put onions ginger, leaf vegetables, like to put soy sauce, mustard, ming vegetable oil, is generally noodles, the appearance and taste of the hobby noodles for the poor.

The traditional noodles, of course, by hand, and powder, punch, ramen or cut the full use of manpower, but the south and the north to do different, each with characteristics. North famous ramen, fixed name thinking with the hand pull system, ramen noodles to do a soft slippery but toughness, is not easy, need to brawn force, to control to be appropriate, just in the soft, to make jiapin. Anti-view Southern noodles, but soft, but not crisp, the key is also in the strength of the surface, dough and good, the use of the human body's bounce force to the bamboo press, the dough, and finally cut into the young strips.

To count the characteristics of the Chinese side, the first push on the Iraqi government, referred to as "Iraq", can be boiled soup, but also for dry fry, by the Qing Qianlong jinshi Ibing home Kitchen. Yi Fu face Both sides of China have production, especially Fujian, Jiangxi, the most outstanding. The characteristics of the Iraqi government is that it does not use water and dough, use egg liquid, boiled with cold water after boiling, drying, and then fried, make it become semi-finished. Due to the unique system, can be suitable for different cooking, so the Iraqi government is the face of the top grade and feast on the special pastry.

Another world-famous bear noodles, produced in 1841 in Sichuan. The meaning is very simple-pedal hawking face, when the people's livelihood was difficult, a peddler named Chen Baobao to make a living, to stir up the burden of street selling noodles. Although the pasta in ancient times for the top grade, dignitaries are fond of, but not only to bear noodles to the rich to eat, the object of the opposite focus on the civilian population. Bear noodles at first only in the narrow lane street hawking, surface is quite rough, only with boiling lu liling cooked, Tangdi with chili oil, soy sauce, add a little fried vegetables, taste spicy, to make a meal. To late into the Grand Hotel, hotel, and other snacks on the banquet table.

The most popular wonton noodle in Hong Kong is pasta. Dough is produced in Guangdong early, with eggs or duck egg, eggs make the face become refreshing; Good dough is called silver, noodles to young, after cooking is yellow, of course, to refreshing the teeth, not too hard nor too soft, and most importantly, the dough can not be boiled with alkali water flavor.

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