Five Cereals Health Noodle

  • Caraway Noodle Health Noodles

    Caraway Noodle Health Noodles

    Ingredient list : wheat flour、caraway powder、guar gum、xanthan gum、salt、GDL、water The caraway contain Vitamin C、carotene、Vitamin B1、Vitamin B2 ect and it contain abundant of mineral substance such as Ca、Fe、P and Mg.Read More

  • Ormosia Noodle Health Noodles

    Ormosia Noodle Health Noodles

    The ormosia contain much more DF, it have good function of relxing bowel、reduce blood press and regulate blood sugar. The ormosia is thegood friends with female’s health.Read More

  • Adlay Seed Health Noodles

    Adlay Seed Health Noodles

    Ingredient list : wheat flour、adlay seed powder、 guar gum 、 xanthan gum 、 salt 、 GDL 、 water Adlay seed contain some Vitamin E,it is a kind of beauty goods. It can human skin gloss 、remove acne pimple and improve skin color.Read More

  • Black Rice Health Noodles

    Black Rice Health Noodles

    The black rice contain protein、carbohydrate、Vitamin B、Vitamin E、Ca、P、K、Mg、Fe、Zn ect,it has very abundant of nutritions . So it have many benefits for human body.Read More

  • Spinach Noodle Health Noodles

    Spinach Noodle Health Noodles

    The spinach contain abundant carotene、Vitamin C、Ca、Fe and Vitamin E e tc , it can provide multiple nutrient for human body. The microelement of spinach can promote metabolism and enhance health.Read More

  • Soybean Noodles Healthy Noodles

    Soybean Noodles Healthy Noodles

    Ingredient list : wheat flour、soybean powder、guar gum、xanthan gum、salt、GDL、water The soybean contain lecithin, it have a function of prevent too many fat in liver and it can guard against old stupid .The soybean can improve skin aging and remit climacteric syndrome. At the...Read More

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