Fresh Noodles

  • Fresh Wholemeal Ramen Noodles

    Fresh Wholemeal Ramen Noodles

    Fresh Wholemeal udon noodles Ingredient list: water, wheat flour, gluten, wheat bran, salt, sodium alginate, lactic acid, sodium lactate, soybean oil etc Description: The wholemeal contain abundant fiber; it is an essential element in the health of the digestive system. At...Read More

  • Fresh Delicious Hokkien Noodles

    Fresh Delicious Hokkien Noodles

    Name: Fresh Japanese ramen noodles Quick Detail: Product Features 1. Made with high quality raw material, 2. Delicious, Healthy and multiple kinds, 3. Storage: store in room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, no freezing 4. Can be stir-fried, cooked in soup and mixed with...Read More

  • Fresh Wet Ramen Noodles

    Fresh Wet Ramen Noodles

    Fresh wet ramen noodles Description: Udon and ramen, another name fresh noodles, transliterated from Japanese, are an instant flour product made by industrialized Chinese traditional techniques. In comparison with common deep-fried and non- deep-fried instant noodles, the...Read More

  • Fresh Fujian Ramen Noodles

    Fresh Fujian Ramen Noodles

    Fresh fujian ramen noodles Description: Another name is Fresh wet ramen. Quick Detail: Pursuing the policy of Market Oriented, Existing based on Quality, Developing with Faithfulness and Pioneering by innovation, Jinbaiwei people keep their enterprisingly enthusiasm,...Read More

  • Fresh Flat Noodles

    Fresh Flat Noodles

    Fresh flat noodles Product Characteristic Economical / Natural / Convenient / 1 minutes cook Can match with many vegetables or match with different sauce Chinese noodles are the ancestor of noodles all over the world; they are renowned at home and abroad, with far-reaching...Read More

  • Fresh Pad Thai Noodles

    Fresh Pad Thai Noodles

    Fresh pad thai noodles Craft flow chart: Raw Material-------Vacuum Mixing--------Produce Noodles--------First Packing-------- Metal Detection----------Sterilization---------Factory Check---------Outpacking---------- CIQ---------Expirt----------Client Our excellent work team...Read More

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