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Chinese noodles
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Chinese noodles

There are myriad noodle soup dishes originating in China, and many of these are eaten in, or adapted in various Asian countries.

  • Ban mian (板面) – [Hakka] style, flat-shaped egg noodles in soup.

  • Chongqing noodles

  • Cold noodle (冷面/冷麵) – Shanghai style, flat noodle stirred with peanut butter sauce, soy sauce and vinegar, served cold.

  • Crossing the bridge noodles (Chinese: 过桥米线; pinyin: Guò qiáo mĭxiàn) – served as a bowl of chicken stock with uncooked rice noodles, meat, raw eggs, and vegetables and flowers on the side that get added and cooked when one is ready to eat. Stock stays warm because of a layer of oil on top of the bowl. Typical cuisine of Kunming, Yunnan Province (昆明, 云南省).

  • Lanzhou (Hand-Pulled) Beef Noodle – (兰州拉面, lanzhou Lāmiàn), also called Lanzhou Lāmiàn or Lanzhou Beef Noodle soup. This noodles soup made of stewed or red braised beef soup, beef broth, vegetables and Chinese noodles. As well as a series of rules and standards for doing it.

  • Spring Noodle Soup (阳春面/陽春麵 yángchūn mian) White noodle in soup is one of the most popular and simple Chinese snack. This typical noodles with soup is one of the traditional noodles with soup, and vegetables. It is very simple in ingredients。

  • Wonton noodles (雲吞麵) – a Cantonese dish

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