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nutritive value of instant noodles
- Feb 27, 2018 -

The main ingredients of instant noodles are wheat flour, palm oil, sauces and dehydrated vegetable leaves, which are essential ingredients to supplement human nutrition, accompanied by the acceleration of globalization and the improvement of life rhythm, instant noodles, which can satisfy the fast hunger, is rich in nutrition and delicious food more and more people like.

According to Professor Hu Xiaosong, Ph. D., director of Food Science and nutrition engineering, China Agricultural University, instant noodles are often criticized by people who believe that eating more unhealthy is not conducive to health, mainly for the following reasons:

First, the high fat content, because most of the instant noodles are fried in the opposite block to dry. But Prof Hu points out that, compared with French fries and hamburgers, instant noodles in the oil content is not very high, the average of the oil contained in 16%-18%, of which 11% are palm oil, which is beneficial to human health, vegetable oil, and a hamburger in the oil content of the average in 30%, than instant noodles up nearly one times.

Second, contain certain additives. Professor Hu said that when it comes to additives, we tanhusebian that it is unhealthy material, which is an erroneous concept. The food industry is inseparable from thickener, stabilizer and other additives, the state is allowed to use, are strictly tested to prove harmless to the human body, we can rest assured edible.

The third is a lot of people are concerned about acrylamide problem. All starchy foods produce this carcinogen in high temperature cooking (more than 120 ℃), so there are certainly some of the chips in the instant noodles, Prof Hu said.

According to a lot of people think that the noodle is not nutritious, Professor Hu said, in the noodles and seasoning bag, the human body essential 6 nutrients-water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins are fully equipped with, so the nutrition is more comprehensive. Seasoning bag of dehydrated vegetables basically save the original vegetable nutrition, but because the amount of small and slightly inadequate, but the balance of the diet is based on the premise of reasonable food collocation, as long as in eating instant noodles, more with vegetables, fruits and other vitamins rich food on the line. Both at home and abroad are developing new nutritional instant noodles, such as iodine or iron nutrition-enhanced instant noodles, slimming instant noodles, suitable for diabetics to eat instant noodles, etc., in the future can meet the nutritional needs of different people.

The oil in the instant noodles is usually added antioxidants, but it can only slow down the oxidation rate, delay the time of rancid, and can not be completely effective to prevent rancid. Oily food will be damaged after the deterioration of nutrients, the production of lipid, and Halla. Long-term excessive oxygen lipid into the body, the body's important enzyme system has a certain degree of damage, but also promote premature aging.

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