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Origin of the udon surface
- Feb 27, 2018 -

The mystery of folk researcher of Fujian Youxi for 25 years to solve the riddle of Japanese udon face this reporter Panxiang

Udon noodles, buckwheat noodles, green tea noodles and said Japan's three big noodles, udon noodles more called Japan's "national face." If some people say that udon from China, originated in Fujian Youxi, how will the Japanese feel? Are Youxi people bragging? Or does it matter?

"Udon noodles do originate from Youxi, where we call cutting plane, commonly known as ' big stripe '." Fu Shuhua, a folk researcher in Fujian Youxi, said that he was not "smecta" and that every word was well-founded.

In order to explore the relationship between Japanese udon noodles and Youxi, Fu Shuhua lasted for 25 years.

Found the "Chinese Dream" of Youxi noodles in Japan for 25 years

November 1988, Shinjuku Japanese Language school, just arrived in Japan Fu Shuhua is here to study.

In a Japanese class, when the teacher introduced the local cultural customs, Fu Shuhua put forward the udon face from the Youxi point of view.

"I remember very well, the teacher let us group words, she said belly hungry, what the Japanese will eat, there are students say can eat sushi, there are students say can eat regiment, I said can eat udon noodles, and told the teacher, udon noodles in my hometown of Fujian Youxi also have. "The following scene, let Fu Shuhua fresh memories," Japanese teachers and other countries of the students did not say anything, and Chinese compatriots but a smile, said I boast, China where there are Japanese noodles. ”

This, let Fu Shuhua very depressed.

"Obviously is the same thing, the Japanese did not say anything, the Chinese themselves are always not confident." ”

After returning home, Fu Shuhua founded Dongfang Food model Company, made the first food model is a big bowl of "Youxi big noodles".

"I want the people to get a good understanding of the big noodles, don't go out and forget everything about our ancestors." "Every important show, Fu Shuhua will be on display with this bowl model."

"Many people see this thing to do very lifelike and imaginative, will come to take a photo with this bowl of noodles, I myself also photographed, over the years has been thousands of." ”

In Fu Shuhua Heart, the Japanese people can get a bowl of well-known, why domestic such a good traditional skills can not flourish it?

"Now many people in society are thinking about how to innovate, very impetuous, I just want to look for those who have gone away, restore their former glory." Fu Shuhua said it was his "Chinese Dream".

The Japanese TV station specially sent a person to "seek the face" Fuzhou Kaiyuan Temple

If said in Japan Shinjuku, Fu Shuhua is only vaguely feel that Japan's udon surface and Youxi in the taste and production process has a lot of similarities, then the Japanese Sichuan Yuanhao and the arrival of this Kakiko deepened the Fu Shuhua of this matter.

"The two of them are technical advisers hired by Dongfang food model company from Japan," he said. One time I took them to my hometown Youxi to visit, at noon the old people with big noodles to entertain them, I did not say anything, they themselves but exclaimed ' Chinese countryside how also eats the udon noodles '. "Fu Shuhua asked two technical advisers to detail the process of making the big strip, and two Japanese all said that the big noodles and the Japanese udon noodles were almost identical to each other."

Chuan Yuanhao said to me, the Japanese know, Xiangchuan County is the hometown of Udon face, according to legend is the Tang Dynasty, Japan's empty sea mage from China back to Japan, but now has not found the source. "This let lingering in Fu Shuhua heart more than 20 years of" Youxi plane "complex again surfaced.

Hear the name of the empty Sea, and the Fu Shuhua is not unfamiliar with the Buddhist, because he knew that the new century temple in Fuzhou has empty sea bronze statue.

The Japanese monk, an empty sea mage, is named after the King Kong, Xiangchuan, born in 774, died in 835 years, the year of 804 with the Japanese sent Tang into the Tang Dynasty law, back to Japan to bring back a large number of Buddhist classics, and in the Sanskrit alphabet, inspired by the principle of spelling, invented the Japanese letter hiragana, created Japanese words, Become the greatest Dharma Master in the age of peace in Japan.

The other thing that the air master brought back to Japan was flour.

Fu Shuhua and Chuan Yuanhao came to Fuzhou Kaiyuan Temple, a mage called the Spirit of hope to tell them that the sea master with the Japanese sent Tang to China, in the East Sea encounter typhoon, empty sea and the envoy Otomoro Malu boat in the sea drift 34 days, finally in Xiapu County chi an cun dock, the entire ship more than 130 per capita by the local villagers rescued ashore, Because Guan Fang all lost, empty sea and other people can only in Fuzhou Kaiyuan temple waiting.

He lived in Kaiyuan temple for two months. "Spirit Wish Mage told Fu Shuhua, often have a group of Japanese friends to visit Kaiyuan Temple, last week there is a team of more than 500 people, many Japanese visitors also understand the Tang Dynasty's life and eating habits, including noodles."

Japanese! Get the noodles! What the hell is going on here?

In order to understand all this, Fu Shuhua decided to go to Japan Xiangchuan County himself.

The mystery of Japanese scholars ' experience in the past 30 years

"In Japan, as long as the mention of Xiangchuan County, the first reaction is udon face, as if in the country as long as the mention of Sha County, Lenovo to Sha County snacks." In July 2013, Fu Shuhua flew to the village of Udon, where one lived for one months.

Japan's administrative division is a two government 43 counties, "county" relative to the domestic administrative level is "province", and the Xiangchuan County Ancient said, is the county's jurisdiction of a city.

Suwa Visit Hui Sheng, is the Xiangchuan County of the Winter Noodle Research Association vice president. As the president of the real Mr. Seven years, most of the affairs of the seminar by the Udon face business Suwa visit is responsible.

Fu Shuhua to Xiangchuan, special meet Suwa visit Hui Sheng.

He told me that udon noodles definitely come from China! But they haven't found the exact same noodles yet. "Suwa Visit to Fu Shuhua Introduction said, Osaka Yun Art University teaching assistant Nagara once took the empty sea mage China route, from the Fujian Xiapu Red Bank Landing, along by Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Xian, Hangu, have not found the trail of udon surface, In the past 30 years, the association has sent people to China to search for the udon noodles, including a special visit to Fuzhou Kaiyuan Temple, still nothing.

"The Japanese have always believed that the source of the udon is most likely from the north of China, they have been looking for years in the north, and found a more similar to the noodles, but the noodles is too thin, and the udon surface of the circular surface section diameter of more than 1.7 mm, the width of the angle should be more than 1.7 mm, so the Chinese noodles may be ' The source of noodles and Japan is not the source of udon noodles. Fu Shuhua said, when Suwa visit to see Youxi cut, very excited, because udon face in Japan's original name is called "Cut", Winter plus soup in the summer to eat salad and Youxi cut cut is exactly the same, in the shape is very similar.

Fu Shuhua Japan's trip also has a new discovery, empty sea mage created Xiangchuan County Stss, the monastery current Abbot Sakamoto know should have written, think udon surface source very likely appears in the south of China.

Udon noodles Japanese called oolong noodles may originate from the Youxi of Wu Longjiang

So why is the Youxi plane spread to Japan?

Fu Shuhua a special visit to Youxi County Zhi Office researcher Zhang Qixing, Zhang Old said, Youxi founded County in Tang Kaiyuan 29 years (A.D. 741), under the Fuzhou, Youxi many people logging along the Minjiang River, in Fuzhou, the wood fishing ashore, it is likely to have contact with the Sea master.

"I have been thinking, why Fuzhou Wu Longjiang next to the island called Youxi Chau, will it be because Youxi people in this fishing wood ashore named?" In Japanese, the meaning of black and winter is oolong, this will not be with the Wu Longjiang has relations, will be the Sea master in Wu Longjiang eat this face, so he returned to Japan to the noodles named Oolong? "Fu Shuhua Remember as a child, the old people often wash the face in the river, and then pick up some green onion and soy sauce can eat, and this diet is very suitable for the Tang river in the line of wood-lined merchants.

Zhang Qixing also revealed to Fu Shuhua, chongzhen years of the genuine "Youxi County", existing in the library of Japan's parliament, and China has only a photocopy, which speculated that the Youxi and Japan had an unusual origin.

"Japanese officials believe that the udon face has been at least 300 years of history, will not be an empty sea mage to the concept of the Youxi plane to Japan, and then the Japanese in the Chongzhen years to the whole section of the technology back?" "In the face of this series of conjectures, Fu Shuhua can only be explained by further research," I am now collecting tools used to make cuts, and the more I collect, the more I find the traditional tools of Japanese udon noodles. ”

To Fu Shuhua's delight, more and more cultural celebrities are beginning to pay attention to his research. Li Xue College Dean Zhangjiari also for his inscription: "Japanese udon noodles originated from China Youxi." ”

August 25, 2013, Xiangchuan the Winter Noodle Research Society sent him a letter: "A few days ago in Bouges weather, you come to us to study udon noodles, you provide the picture has aroused the real great interest, if possible, please provide more information to us. ”

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