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Selection method of instant noodles
- Feb 27, 2018 -

Instant noodles because of its strong ready-to-eat, affordable, deeply different levels of the vast number of consumers welcome. Instant noodles According to the production process is divided into two categories, one is fried instant noodles, that is, bread after fried drying treatment, the second is hot air drying instant noodles, that is, bread after hot air drying treatment. So, how to identify good instant noodles?

Look at the color: all the dough is evenly milky white or light yellow, no coke, health phenomenon is qualified instant noodles.

Smell: Good instant noodles smell normal, no musty, Halla and other peculiar smell.

Look at the appearance: good noodle shape neat, uniform pattern.

Look at the re-water: noodles After the water no obvious broken strips, and strips, taste half-cooked, Non-stick teeth for qualified instant noodles.

In addition, the following points should be noted:

Select the first recruit: See manufacturers: Choose instant noodles, must be the first choice of brand-name products, and above must have food market access "QS" logo products. Because of brand-name products and "QS" signs of the production enterprises are large-scale production enterprises, many times to accept the state supervision, test results Generally speaking, large enterprise product quality is relatively good. Therefore, the choice of those who are well-known trademarks in China, the national exemption products and other honorary formal brand products, quality, health, taste, nutrition are more guaranteed.

Choose the second recruit: see Production Date: Pay attention to the production date of instant noodles, as far as possible choose the date of the product.

Pick the third recruit: look at the ingredients table: Pay attention to the ingredients table noodles, the main ingredients can be seen on the top, you can also refer to the selection of ingredients table taste. This basically can guarantee you to buy at ease, eat comfortably.

Choose the four strokes: see whether the packaging is intact: Pay attention to the packaging is exquisite and beautiful, to see whether the packaging is intact or not damaged. Choice of instant noodles, must pick those packaging intact, trademark clear, manufacturers clear, we all know, packaging once the rupture, it is easy to be contaminated, but also accelerate the speed of food oxidation deterioration. Also, even if the package is complete, before eating, you must carefully check the identification. Most brand-name enterprises use automatic packaging machine packaging, and counterfeiters to reduce costs, are under very simple conditions for hand-packaged, so must not buy the packaging has broken instant noodles.

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