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Thailand Noodles
- Nov 15, 2018 -


Chinese style noodle soups in Thailand are commonly eaten at street stalls, canteens and food courts. A variety of noodles, from wide rice noodles to egg noodles, are served in a light stock made from chicken, pork or vegetables, or a mixture thereof, and often topped with either cuts of meat (popular is char siu), fish, pork or beef balls, or wontons, or combinations thereof, and sprinkled with coriander leaves. The diners adjust the flavour by themselves using sugar, nam pla (fish sauce), dried chilli and chilli in vinegar provided in jars at the table. Unlike most other Thai food, noodles are eaten with chopsticks. Both noodles and chopsticks are clear Chinese influences. The word kuaitiao is a direct loan from Teochew. It is also possible to order a "dry" noodle soup (kuaitiao haeng), meaning that the broth is served in a separate bowl.

In addition to the Chinese style noodle soups, fermented rice noodles (khanom chin) served with a variety of curries or soup-like sauces, are also very popular in Thai cuisine.

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