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The way to cook instant noodles
- Feb 27, 2018 -

Instant noodles In addition to food can be fast, in some areas there are also cooking the way to eat instant noodles, such as the general cooking noodles to boil instant noodles.

Although the instant noodles are designed to be eaten after brewing, but some people do not have to go through the brewing directly to eat, in Taiwan some brands of instant noodles, such as "Prince Face", "scientific side" and so on.

In Taiwan, lo-MEI vendors sometimes use instant noodles as one of the materials. Most internet cafes and some snack stalls will cook instant noodles with vegetables and add eggs to serve customers.

In Hong Kong, the tea restaurant can eat the "fishing" is the instant noodles to mix noodles (or a fishing surface) of the way to eat, put the spiced diced pork on top and mix to eat, also have fried instant noodles, and on the cooked instant noodles put a piece of cheese as ingredients, such as different ways to eat.

In Macau, to the Yongan coffee room can eat a Portuguese flavor of the first ding, such as ginger pork, smoked duck chest, salty ox tongue and so on.

In South Korea, the Army pot also has the use of instant noodles as ingredients.

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