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Vietnam Noodles
- Nov 16, 2018 -

     Bánh canh – a soup made with bánh canh noodles (thick noodles, made from tapioca or tapioca/rice mixture)

    Bánh đa cua – a soup made with bánh đa đỏ noodles (red noodles) and crab-roe. It's a special fish of Hai Phong.

    Bún bò Huế – a spicy signature noodle soup from Huế,consisting of rice vermicelli in a beef broth with beef, shrimp sauce, lemon grass, and other ingredients

     Bún riêu – rice vermicelli soup with freshwater crab meat, tofu and tomatoes.Congealed boiled pig blood is also sometimes used.

     Cao lầu – a signature noodle dish from Hội An consisting of yellow wheat flour noodles in a small amount of broth, with various meats and herbs.

     Hủ tiếu – a soup made with bánh hủ tiếu and egg noodles. This dish was brought over by the Teochew immigrants (Hoa people).

     Mì Quảng – a signature noodle dish from Quảng Nam consisting of wide yellow rice noodles in a small amount of broth, with various meats and herbs.

     Phở – white rice noodles in clear beef broth with thin cuts of beef, garnished with ingredients such as scallions, white onions, coriander leaves, ngo gai ("saw leaf herb"), and mint.Basil, lemon or lime, bean sprouts, and chili peppers are usually provided on a separate plate, which allows customers to adjust the soup's flavor as they like. Some sauces such as hoisin sauce and fish sauce are also sometimes added. Bánh đa dishes in northern Vietnam are also similar to phở.

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