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A Bite Of Canton Fair
- May 02, 2018 -

   Canton Fair is the first promotion platform as well as the barometer for Chinese foreign trade. Currently, we are committed to make the Canton Fair more international,professional, market and IT-oriented, so as to set up a " Smart Canton Fair" and "Green Canton Fair" and make it a multi-functional trade platform.

   Now it is the third stage form 1 May to 5 May. Our Fresh Udon and Fresh Ramen are belong the convient food. Nowdays the Fresh udon and Frozen udon are intereted in by many people. 

Pursuing the policy of Market Oriented,Existing based on Quality,Developing with Faithfulness and Pioneering by innovation,Jinbaiwei people keep their enterprisingly enthusiasm ,surpassing innovation sense and high efficiency for the purpose of ranking the first in one field.With such ambition , Jinbaiwei now is already the most industrial competitor of fresh noodles.

We extend cordial welcome to both of domestic and foreign customers on the principles of Faithful Cooperation and Double Win, and hope you enjoy our superb products.


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