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Ancient Records Of Ramen Noodles
- Feb 27, 2018 -

In the late Qing Dynasty, Shaanxi people Shibo "vegetarian said slightly" in Shaanxi, Shanxi, a popular "hardwood noodles" approach to Shanxi Yangquan, Shaanxi, and the state as the most. Its thin like leek, fine like noodles, can become a triangular, but also into a hollow shape, resistant to boiling, soft and toughness. This kind of hardwood noodles is now Shanxi ramen noodles. Ramen can be steamed, boiled, seared, fried, fried, each has a flavor.

Ramen noodles is the famous of Shanxi Province, one of the four major pasta in Shanxi. Especially Jinzhong and Yangquan and Taiyuan Yangqu County Ramen is the most famous. It is timely poured with a dozen halogen or a variety of toppings, soy pot or noodle soup also quite flavor. Ramen technology is very strong, to make good ramen must master the correct essentials, that is, and to prevent dehydration, shake the bar must be uniform, out of uniform round roll, the pot to spread, to prevent the squat pan pimple. Ramen noodles according to different tastes and preferences can also be made into small La Chen, hollow ramen, stuffed ramen noodles, dragon face, flat strips ramen noodles, water and other different varieties.

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