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Basic Information About Noodles
- Feb 27, 2018 -

Noodles originated in China, has more than 4,000 years of production of food history. Noodles is a simple production, edible convenient, nutrient-rich, can staple food and snack health health food. has long been accepted and loved by the people of the world.

A flour made of corn or beans and made into dough, after the pressure or rolling or stretching into pieces again cut or pressure, or the use of rubbing, pulling, pinching and other means, made of strips (or narrow or wide, or flat or round) or small flake, and finally boiled, fried, stewed, fried and made of a food. A wide variety of patterns. Local characteristics are extremely rich, such as celebrating the birthday of longevity noodles and foreign fragrant pasta and so on. The delicious noodles are almost always mild and chewiness, and the flavor of pasta is developed to the extreme. [1]

All over the characteristics of pasta has Wuhan hot Ganmian, Inner Mongolia, braised noodles, Shanxi's knife noodles, Kaolao 栳, pull piece, sip noodles, Beijing noodles, Lanzhou noodles, Chongqing facet, Shanghai noodle, Gaoyou soy sauce noodles (also known as Gaoyou noodle) Xiangyang beef noodles, yangzhou noodle, Yangzhou fried noodles, the northeast of the cold, Baoding, Tai Tsz ge surface, Shaanxi Oil splashed noodles, stewed noodles in Henan, fishing noodles, ma duck noodles, hele, Guangdong wonton noodles, Fujian Sha County noodles, Zhangzhou halogen noodles, Putian halogen noodles, xiamen sand tea noodles, Sichuan's bear face, Qishan and Xinye of the flour and so on.

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