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List Of Wheat Noodles
- Nov 12, 2018 -
  • Bakmi: Indonesian Chinese yellow wheat noodles with egg and meat, usually chicken

  • Chūka men (中華麺): Japanese for "Chinese noodles", used for ramen, champon, and yakisoba

  • Kesme: flat, yellow or reddish brown Central Asian wheat noodles

  • Kalguksu (칼국수): knife-cut Korean noodles

  • Lamian (拉麵): hand-pulled Chinese noodles

  • Mee pok (麪薄): flat, yellow Chinese noodles, popular in Southeast Asia

  • Pasta: Italian noodles made from durum and available in many varieties

  • Reshte: Central Asian, flat noodle, very pale in colour (almost white) used in Persian and Afghanicuisine

  • Sōmen (そうめん): thin variety of Japanese wheat noodles, often coated with vegetable oil

  • Spätzle: a Swabian type of noodle made of wheat and eggs

  • Thukpa (Tibetan: ཐུག་པ་, Wylie: thug pa): flat Tibetan noodles

  • Udon (うどん): thicker variety of Japanese wheat noodles

  • Kishimen (きしめん): flat variety of Japanese wheat noodles

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