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Other Information About Noodles
- Feb 27, 2018 -

1. Fresh noodles have cutting surface, pulling noodles and ramen noodles. The main nutrients are protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber and so on. The general market of fresh surface is the mechanism, its taste and taste better than dried noodles, but many people still like to eat hand rolling noodles

2. The method of making noodles is changing with the change of season

3. Winter weather cold, people eat soup noodles, pull noodles, stewed noodles, inside put some dried vegetables, pickled cabbage or fresh vegetables. In some places people like to eat water noodles, in some places people often stir in the noodle soup batter, this kind of noodles with paste, people commonly known as "paste soup noodles"

4. Summer people eat more noodles, noodles cooked after fishing out, put in cold water or yin and yang (boiled water) in the pull out, mix with garlic juice, amaranth, schizonepeta and cucumber silk, eat cool liqueur, cooling

5. Spring and Autumn people eat more halogen noodles, noodles and so on. To the garlic moss and beans harvest season, every household like to use garlic moss and beans to make halogen noodles. Because these dishes are made of halogen noodles fixed vegetables, so garlic moss and beans on the market, but also the most people eat noodles, usually at least two days to eat a meal halogen noodles.

6. On the market appears the color surface, as the name suggests, the nutrition color surface is not relies on the pigment to add the color, but uses the vegetables and the fruit to join the noodles, lets the noodles appear the colorful while can have the ordinary noodles not to have the nutrition.

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