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The Best Tasting Frozen Udon Noodles
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Udon are noodles made with flour, salt and water.  The best Udon you could have may be home made; however, it might be hard to make it when you want to eat Udon in half an hour.  Next best thing is frozen Udon.  I said next best, but it is actually quite good.  It has the right kind of texture (not too soft) that we really like.  In our video and recipe, we used frozen Udon.  It can’t go wrong to cook frozen Udon, it is pretty forgiving for overcooking.  Today a lot of US markets carry Udon in dried form.  It is easy to stock in your pantry and also very easy to prepare (just don’t overcook). But dried Udon is not the best tasting Udon, but it is a convenient choice.

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