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The Characteristics Of Udon Noodle Soup
- Feb 27, 2018 -
Udon noodle Soup in Chinese people seems to be just soy sauce soup, in fact, there is a so-called "juice", that is, by the seafood boiled broth, but generally does not have the oil and water, its form many is "the Fox Chaos", namely puts on the noodles on a bigger oil tofu (shape and the taste and Chinese oil tofu some different), because its color resembles the fox's fur color, therefore has this name , and then sprinkle with a green onion, it became. The flat-shaped oil tofu on the surface the system is also very different from China, tofu fried, but it will be put into boiling water in the oil and gas boil, and then drain water, put sugar, soy sauce, seafood soup slowly boiled to tasty, so there is almost no oil star noodle soup.

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